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Fairy Tales for Master Minds

Hello and welcome to my new virtual scavenger hunt game:

Fairy Tales for Master Minds

A riddle game that takes you to the influential sites of famous fairy tales (and folk tales as well).

משחק חידות אונליין

The game includes 4 virtual riddles and a fifth one that combines them all.

The game uses the desktop platform of Google Earth, so you can roam the beautiful earth conveniently.

The game is simple to understand. It's in english.

Duration: about 2-3 hours of adventure.

Level: Intermediate +

If you're a big group, you can purchase entry for everyone and separate yourselves into teams (I suggest: 3-5 people in each team).

Each team can play the game while operating Zoom or any other online video application. That's the preferred way.

What else will you learn from the game:

- You will learn how to implement a memory technique that can make you remember a vast array of numbers.

- You will learn how to solve a unique puzzle.

- You will learn how to encrypt and decrypt messages using an ancient cipher (dating back to ancient Greece).

- You will wander across various places around the world: France, Iran, Germany and Louisiana.

What will you benefit from the game:

- You will think together as a group.

- You will be strategic in the way you play the game (sometimes dividing missions between the team members).

- You will walk freely and explore various virtual places.

We're in! What do we do?

Go to this link, where you purchase entry for the amount of people that want to play.

One person buys all the tickets (40 NIS each, approx. 11$), gets access to the group's game ticket and sends it to all team members (more information about that will become available at the purchase stage).

Most importantly, have fun!

And if you enjoyed, please tell us and recommend to others.

These are hard times, so let's make them magical :)


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