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And now we take Quebec

Welcome to the This is Quebec!

The new virtual game after Fairy Tales for Master Minds.

At first we started off with Amsterdam. The we decided to tour the world a bit with Fairy Tales. Now it's time to put our focus on a new destination - Quebec City.

(Link to purchase - below)

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Why Quebec City?

The truth is that I tried to find a beautiful city in the world that I haven't seen yet. I bet that most of you aren't familiar with the city as well. But after I explored the skies and grounds for you, it's high time you come and visit: virtually at first, and personally - later on in life.

It's a remarkable city with lots of attractions, charming landscapes and really good comfort food.

What's in the game?

This is the light version of 'This is Quebec'.

It contains 6 virtual riddles (you need to solve only 4 of them) and a final riddle that is assembled throughout the game.

You will play the game in Travel Quest's amazing gaming platform.

You will also use the Google Earth platform to navigate all the way to the riddles' solutions.

משחק וירטואלי

What else?

The game is supposed to take up to 2 hours, but you get an extra 2 hours, so you can play it without any rush, if you want to.

Overall, the game's level is intermediate. It might even be hard at times, but you have clues that help you along the journey.

We recommend you find a team of incredible people and play together. Open Zoom or another online video platform and wander Quebec together.

A team can consist of 1-6 players.

More than that is OK, but you might get to do less, so if you're 6 players (and more), I recommend you divide yourselves into smaller groups and compete for the highest point ranking.

משחק וירטואלי בזום


The game is in english and is played only by using your computers (the smartphone Google Earth app doesn't include all the special features).

I just want to say that these are very busy times. I've been working and improving the game for many weeks now. Working all day. Everyday.

After I release the harder version of 'This is Quebec' anytime soon, I'll get some rest. I promised myself. Since this whole pandemic lifestyle took over, I didn't get a good chance to put my head down and relax.

I hope you'll value the content in 'This is Quebec', 'Fairy Tales' and 'Nighthunt Amsterdam'.

And if you love it, please recommend the games to your workplace for raising morale. It would really help me in these unstable times.

I even have a game menu in pdf form that organizes it all.

משחק חידות בקוויבק

And last but not least, I want to say thanks to my friends who have had a great role in perfecting the craft with their fine riddle designing advice:

Ori Kerman, Roey Kenett, Danielle Ninio, Amit Peles, Lee Ballan, Eran Nissan, Or Lev-Ari, Eilam Sher, Noam Maggeni, Marika Mats, Dror Baltin and the technical maestro Dan Gadasi.

So have a safe flight and I'll see ya when I see ya ;)


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