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According to demand: 
Four last urban games in September

16.9, 17.9, 29.9 (Hebrew Rounds) / 30.9 (English Round)

Featuring: Nighthunt - Center of TLV

Nighthunt Allstars Players.jpg

What is Nighthunt?

A strategic urban treasure hunt filled with location-based puzzles and competitive factors that give you that 'Amazing Race' feel.


Each game has more than 15 teams and a hundred players competing for the grand championship.

The game presents challenging puzzles, cooperative missions and other mysterious game aspects. 

How crazy is this shit?

Urban Treasure Hunt for Smart People

Urban Treasure Hunt for Smart People

צפייה בסרטון

Is this a new game?

Nope. Nighthunt has been an underground game, played since 2015 by an exclusive society. It is only now that we're looking for a brand-new audience that craves mental challenges, which take place in a physical urban setting.

Give us the details already!

You're only showing us photos and videos. Come on!

🥏  Group size: Maximum of 6.

🥏  Ages: 18+

Plus, there are alcoholic prizes.

🥏  Where is it played? Center of TLV. From Ha'bima to Arlozorov Street.

🥏  How many rounds? Four.

Three are in Hebrew.

One is in English (30.9). 

🥏  Duration: 3.5-4 hours.

Each round starts at 20:00 and ends around 23:30/00:00.

🥏  Price: If you're 4 people, the price is 125 NIS each. If you're 5, 110 NIS each. If you're 6, 100 NIS each.

Here's another photo.


Press Releases (Hebrew)

כתבה של דה מרקר_edited.jpg

We have questions for you, Mister!

Are the puzzles trivia-related?

No. These are treasure-hunt-like puzzles that rely on visual elements you'll come across throughout your journey.

Open your eyes and think creatively.

Is this like an escape room?

Well, sort of… I guess. Well, apart from the fact that it's an outdoor activity and that the puzzles have a different kind of style. Escape fans would totally dig this game (and so will people who have never been to an escape room in their lives).

How much walking is involved?

Well, that's up to you!

Teams that want to experience a relaxed game could find themselves travelling 2 km in total (considered as a really slow pace), while extreme, competitive teams might even find themselves travelling a distance of 6 km.

Is it essential to dress up for this occasion?

It isn't necessary, but it does enhance team spirit. If you don't have any costumes, feel free to bring matching props with you. All is good.

Will there be any more rounds of 'Nighthunt - Center of TLV'?

We're planning a trip abroad at the dates you mentioned.

First of all – Have Fun!

Second of all – No.

These rounds are mainly for the people whom intend to stay in Israel during the holidays. I gotta take care of 'em, you know?

Awww man...really?

Yeah, but don't you worry. In October, there will be a whole new Nighthunt game, so you'll get your share of sheer fun.

כולם עם כולם.JPG

About me and my business (Wild Child)

אני מחמל.jpg

Hi! I'm Goti (34) from Tel Aviv.

I'm a puzzle designer and the owner of Wild Child- Urban and Virtual Games

For the past 12 years, I've been creating loads of kick-ass treasure-hunts in various cities in Israel. 

Corona Times challenged me to design virtual experiences as well.

As a former engineer and physicist, I aim to bring precision to every aspect of my line of work.

I wish for my audience the things I wish for me: Keeping the brain strong and the spirit of the inner child highly elevated.

יונתן גוטי גוטסמן.jpeg

Have another video!

I know it might seem weird posting a WhatsApp recording of a friend (from like a week ago), but this is truly heart-warming.

משחק חידות אורבני

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